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The Nervous Wreck Pattaya

The Nervous Wreck is a small bar with many services to serve all expats, both Pattaya residents and regular visitors. Thought there is no food service, you are allowed to order in from nearby restaurants in the bar. It is the best place for you to relax with beers and friendly atmosphere and is also the ideal place to hang out with your “Tee Rak” in the evening.

The Nervous Wreck Soi Yamato Pattaya

Drink prices are reasonable here; Thai beers start from 50 baht and Strongbow is only 140 baht. You can enjoy drinking, and at the same time, playing darts and quizzes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively.

The Nervous Wreck also offers the free lending library service which allows all bookworms to borrow a book to read either inside or outside the bar. If you have nothing to do in the daytime, chatting, drinking and reading there is a good choice.

The Nervous Wreck is located in Soi Yamato (aka Pattaya Soi 13/1), daily opens from 9.30 PM until 1.00 AM.

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