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The Blue Lagoon Pattaya

The Blue Lagoon is consisted of a large open air beer bar with a GoGo jointed. It is located in the Best Friend Complex at Beach Road between Soi Pattayaland 1 and Soi Post Office.

The Blue Lagoon Pattya Beach Road

At The Blue Lagoon's bar section, you will find a large Jacuzzi welcome you to have fun in there with your Tee Rak. You can bring your own swimming suits and towels or buy from the bar at 100 baht. Digital sound system is also available to increase your fun level. If you like shooting pool, there are best quality tables for you too.

For food and beverage, The Blue Lagoon offers you the promotions you can't deny too. You can eat all hotdogs you can at 150 baht on Wednesday night or eat FREE food on Friday - up to you. The drink prices are reasonable; beers start from 40 baht only. See? It's undeniable to drop by.

In GoGo section, you will find chrome poles danced around by pretty ladies. There is another small Jacuzzi for hostesses to enjoy soaping each others. It's the best view here. Bar fines at The Blue Lagoon is in standard rate; 300 baht for bar and 600 baht for GoGo.

You can ask Mike and Greg - the manager of the bar and GoGo respectively - if you need anything. They are pleased to help you out.

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