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Shela Tomboy Club Pattaya

Shela Tomboy Club is located opposite to Hollywood Disco, Pattaya 3rd Road. It is a tomboy entertainment venue owned and run by the same owner of Shela in Bangkok (closed) and Zeta in RCA, Bangkok.

Shela Tomboy Club Pattaya 3rd Road

The major customers who come to Shela are females, mostly aged fewer than 30. There are lots of Tom (butch) and Dy (femme) hostesses dancing on the stages and accompany their customers when their rounds finished. However, this is not P4P bar as most of those in Pattaya.

At first, men were strongly not allowed to visit Shela Tomboy Bar, but the rules been more flexible since 2010 and men are allowed to drink inside.

If you would like to drop by, please be warned to be polite. We cannot guarantee you will not be thrown out if you act anything rudely or disgrace to all the hostesses there.

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