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Sapphire Club Pattaya

Sapphire Gentlemen's Club is situated in Soi 15, opposite to Angelwitch, in Pattaya Walking Street. Though it just has opened in May 2010, it becomes one of the most popular gentlemen's clubs in Pattaya now. The new owners of Sapphire are Irish who love parties and are willing to fulfill all your needs.

Sapphire Club Pattaya Walking Street

At Sapphire Gentlemen's Club, you'll find 4 floors with different ambiences:

1st Floor - Dance area with seating around the wall.

2nd Floor - Pool room with lounge sofas and service bar.

3rd Floor - Clean and comfortable rooms for rent.

4th Floor - VIP Suite with complete facilities and Jacuzzi.

Every Thursday night is a Party Night at Sapphire. If you want a VIP Card for 10% off, you can make a request with one of the owner or manager.

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Sapphire Club Thursday Night Parties

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