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Rolling Stone Bar Pattaya

Rolling Stone Bar is located as the third bar on the left hand side in Simon Beer Bar Complex at Pattaya Walking Street. It has another branch - Rolling Stone 2 - in Walking Street as well.

Rolling Stone Bar Pattaya Walking Street

Rolling Stone Bar is like all the bars in Simon Beer Bar Complex. It is an open bar with 15-20 stools and around 18-25 hostesses working. All the hostesses always enjoy playing dice games and the connect 4 while drinking with you. A large TV with live sports is also available at the bar.

Drink prices are same as normal standard of Walking Street; beers start at 80 baht, Thai whisky 90 baht and Coca Cola at 60 baht.

Rolling Stone Bar opens daily at 5.00 PM until around 3.00 AM. If you are looking for fun games with friendly hostesses, check this bar out.

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