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Queen Vic Pattaya

Queen Vic is located in Soi 11, aka Soi Honey Inn, Pattaya 2nd Road. It is not the same bar as Queen Victoria so don't be confused.

Queen Vic Pattaya 2nd Road

Queen Vic is owned by Terry, who always enthusiastic to welcome you pleasingly. The bar is famous for delicious Traditional British food with cheap price starts from 75 baht to few hundreds. The drink prices are reasonable too; the beers starts at 40 baht, cocktails 120 baht and lady drinks are only 80 baht. A large TV screen with football matches, pool tables and FREE Wi-Fi access are also available.

That's not enough! Queen Vic also offers you the rooms with affordable prices at "The Lizard Lounge" that situated right opposite the Queen Vic. The price per night is 450 baht but if you want to stay for a month, it's only 9,000-12,000 baht depends on the season.

Queen Vic opens everyday from 9.30 AM till late at night.

If you are looking for a place to stay and hang out without walking so far, we totally recommend Queen Vic.

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