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Pinocchio Bar and Guest House Pattaya

Pinocchio Bar and Guest House is located in Soi Post Office, Pattaya. As its name, Pinocchio offer bar and guest house services for its customers.

Pinocchio Bar Soi Post Office Pattaya

At the bar, you will find the friendly atmosphere with comfortable seatings. You can have either drinks and coffee with reasonable prices. Dutch style breakfast and food are also available; try meatballs, sandwiches and soup in Dutch if you come here.

For guest house, there are 6 rooms with comvenient facilities provided; 3 standard and 3 deluxe rooms. The price range is around 500-750 baht only and this price will be remained in high season if you stay longer than 3 nights.

If you are looking for a good place to stay over and have fun, note down Pinocchio Bar and Guest House as one of your choices.

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