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Paradise Agogo is located on the busy LK Metro at Soi Buakaow. The bar once had the same owners with Kiss Agogo but recently it was sold to the new owners in December 2012.

Paradise Agogo Pattaya

Paradise Agogo didn't have good reputation in the past as there were many reports of bad experiences at the bar. The new owners seem to realize that and trying to improve things to make good experience for their customers. One thing that obviously better is the dancers look. The new set of dancers are better looking and some of them are the real cuties. All of them are friendly and approachable with no-hassle attitude.

Drinks are slightly cheaper than other bars in the area. Draft beer is 55-65 baht all night, bottled beers are 95 baht, coca-cola is 60 baht and house spirits are 95-110 baht. Happy Hours run from 7.30 to 9.00 PM when bottled beer is 95 baht and house spirits are 65 baht.

Paradise Agogo is open every night from 7.30 PM until 3.30 AM.

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