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Lady Love Agogo Pattaya

Lady Love Agogo is a newly opened gogo bars located on the old site of unsuccessful Swedish restaurant "Krogen" next to Mash Agogo and just opposite Champagne Agogo on Soi LK Metro. The bar has just opened its doors in December 2012 and quickly become one of the "must-go" bars on the Soi for many bar hoppers.

Lady Love Agogo Pattaya

Lady Love Agogo is a medium size bar with great interior design. There are jacuzzi and elevated stages, the main one can be seen from almost everywhere in the bar. It is a great place to sit back on the carpet padded seating chatting with your friends and checking on some cuties on stages as the bar's lighting is not too dark and the music is not too loud.

There are about 15 dancers on the stages for each rotation. They are average-looking and most are coyotes so they don't need to push you for lady drinks but the ones who do that are some of the hostesses. However, the overall atmosphere is still good as most of the hostesses and dancers are friendly and entertaining.

Drink prices are on standards of Soi LK Metro. No draught beer but bottle beers are available at 120 baht, spirits are 135 baht, and lady drinks are 125-135 baht. Happy Hours are during 4.00 PM until 9.00 PM when bottled beers are 75 baht, soft drinks are 50 baht, cocktails are 100 baht, and house spirits are 75 baht.

Lady Love Agogo is open everyday from 4.00 PM until late.

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