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iBar is one of the bar under Club Insomnia Group, so it is also known as Insomnia iBar. It is located at the ground floor of Club Insomnia with modern design and lighting. iBar has 2 different zones for you - the bar and terrace.

iBar Pattaya Walking Street

In the iBar bar zone, all styles of popular music are played by top-named DJs to serves all tastes of music. However, the music in iBar is not too loud for making friends and chatting. There are pool tables are standing on the floor, waiting you to play it with friends. At the dance floors, you'll see pretty and sexy hostesses dancing and you can join them if you'd like. Drinks price in iBar is quite cheap compared with many other bars in Walking Street.

If the bar zone doesn't interest you, try the terrace zone where allows you to relax yourself with drinks and breeze from the beach.

Don't forget to list iBar in your plan next trip to Pattaya.

iBar Atmosphere Atmosphere in iBar

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