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Honey Pot Pattaya

Honey Pot is located in Soi 2 on Pattaya 2nd Road. It is opened in 2007 and becomes the fast growing bar on 2nd Raod that can be the competitor of those in Walking Street.

Honey Pot Pattaya 2nd Road

Honey Pot is both bar and a GoGo with narrow shape and good looking hostesses dancing in the window areas. Though most of the hostesses here are pretty, they are renowned for being standoffish and unfriendly. They will not come to you unless you ask and they always ask for the overpriced barfine from you.

So, if you want to hear if this bar is worth of entry -yes, it is if you want to have a nice view of bar. However, you need to remind yourself NOT to be distracted by the cuties who can rip off your wallet.

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