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Bret Bar

Bret Bar Pattaya Soi 6

Bret bar was sold early in 2011 and is now renamed as Z Bar. Please visit the Z Bar page to add comments etc.

Bret Bar is located in Pattaya Soi 6. It is one of the most famous bar in Soi 6 for its nice hostesses and genuine inside/outside section.

All the working hostesses at Bret Bar are quite good looking and good hospitality. When we visited the bar, no girl came to us and asked for lady drinks but instead they came to accompany us. So we couldn't resist to buy them many drinks to reward their good service.

Bret Bar is also one of the few bars in Soi 6 that has genuine inside and outside section. You don't need to seat at the sidewalk and show the activity you're doing to those who walk around. Here you can choose wether sit in inside area with air-conditioned or outside area where well-set back from the road with proper seats and tables.

Another thing that makes Bret Bat popular is the pool table. Yes, we are not joking because there are very few bars that provide a pool table in Pattaya Soi 6.

With all these services, you can use Bret Bar as a meeting place for you and friends.

We've heard that Bret Bar is on sale, not sure if it's already sold but you should drop by if it's still there.

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