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Welcome to Pattaya Bars Owner!

If you are a an owner of bars in Pattaya and looking for a place to promote your business, we have two options to offer you as follows :

Free Service

Our free service provides the free reviews written by us if requested, and of cause it's FREE! What we need from you is a link back from your own website.

If that's not enough, you can upgrade to higher option.

Premium Package

If the Free Package is not enough, you can upgrade to our Premium Service, which allows you to:-

  • 100% Promote your bar by writing the review yourself.
  • Add your OWN Gallery and alt text for better search engine results.
  • Add contact information page.
  • Remove ads from your bar page.
  • Remove the Bars Pattaya logo.
  • Be able to edit comments on your bar's page.


  • 3,500 Baht per year
  • 5,500 Baht for single fee

Please contact  for further information.

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