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Angelwitch Pattaya

Angelwitch is situated in Soi 15 in Pattaya Walking Street. It is one of the most popular agogo in Walking Street because of its renown well-choreographed shows performed by good-looking dancers who are very good at thier job. It is the perfect place to take your Teerak to enjoy the shows.

Angelwitch Pattaya Walking Street

After each set of the shows, there is a gogo dance for 20 minutes per round which allows you to buy a ping-pong balls to reward the dancers you like.

Angelwitch is daily opened at 8.00 PM - 2.00 AM; the show normally starts at 10.00 PM. Though the drink prices are quite expensive and the staffs quite hasten for your new drinks, it's worth of an entry if you are looking for something different than other ordinary gogo bars.

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