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3Som Bar and Guesthouse Pattaya

3Som Bar and Guesthouse is owned and operated by Americans located in Soi LK Metro, Pattaya. It is not far away from all famous entertainment vanues in Pattaya, i.e. Walking Street, Soi 6, Soi 7 or Soi 8.

3Som Bar and Guesthouse Pattaya Soi LK Metro

The 3Som Bars offers resonable priced drinks and friendly atmosphere. The wide selection of music is play at the proper level - not too loud. You can enjoy drinking beers, tea, coffee, soft drinks or cocktails while chatting with friends or watching major sports events or entertain programs on TVs. You can also enjoy playing pool and the friendly hostesses who are more than happy to have fun with you. Food service is available as well.

As a guesthouse, 3Som offers the reasonable priced rooms which suitable for your budget. The rooms are classified into 3 types; Budget, Standard and Superior. All rooms are air-conditioned with full necessary utilities and daily room services. If you want to travel somewhere, there is a transportation service with affordable fee provided too.

We highly recommend 3Som bar and guesthouse if you are seeking for an economical accommmodation and fair standard bar.

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